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MicroArray Classification BEnchmarking Tool on Host server

Welcome to the M@CBETH web service for performing microarray classification. The M@CBETH (a MicroArray Classification BEnchmarking Tool on a Host server) web service offers the microarray community a simple tool for making optimal two-class predictions. M@CBETH aims at finding the best prediction among different classification methods by using randomizations of the benchmarking dataset.

Registration is required in order to use this service, which can be done by following the link in the header of this page. Log on to the system by entering your e-mail address and password in the form in the header of this page. On successful login, the menu on the left will contain links to the M@CBETH web service and download section.

  The M@CBETH web service is made available for non commercial research purposes only under the GNU General Public License. However, notwithstanding any provision of the GNU General Public License, the M@CBETH web service may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit written permission after contacting MACBETH@esat.kuleuven.be.

When reporting results obtained by M@CBETH, one should refer to

Nathalie L. M. M. Pochet, Frizo A. L. Janssens, Frank De Smet, Kathleen Marchal, Johan A. K. Suykens, and Bart L. R. De Moor
M@CBETH: a microarray classification benchmarking tool
Bioinformatics, Jul 2005; 21: 3185 - 3186.